Client challenge

An industrial services supplier discovered one of his vehicles had suffered water contamination in its hydraulic system which could have resulted in a significant and costly failure. The company urgently needed the hydraulic system flushed and all the water removed so that the vehicle could be put back into service to meet contractual requirements.


ITC’s operations team proposed flushing and filtering the hydraulic system using their Triple R technology. The ITC technician installed the filtering system and circulated the contaminated hydraulic fluids to remove the water.

The Results

The system was flushed and filtered for 24 hours until the water impurities were fully removed and a NAS 6 cleanliness was achieved. The cause of the contamination, a bent breather, was also identified and repaired.

Client operation manager – ITC quickly identified the problem and came up with a solution that allowed us to have the truck back in service in a day allowing operations to go on as normal.

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