The Webtec VFD50 is a 3-port pressure compensated variable priority flow divider that can provide constant flow to a primary system whilst still powering a secondary system.

Priority Type Flow Dividers split a single input (P) flow into a ‘Priority’ (regulated) flow and a ‘By-Pass’ (excess) flow which can be returned directly to the oil reservoir or used to power a second system. In many instances this dispenses with the need for another pump to operate a second system.
* Working pressures up to 250 bar (3600 psi)
* Maximum flow 50 lpm (13 US gpm)
* BSP/ NPT porting, or manifold mounted
* Material: steel components in cast iron body
* 2 bolt (ported), 4 bolt (manifold)
* Two sizes, 0 – 15 lpm or 0 – 30 lpm