A global Tier 1 asset integrity solutions providers needed to reduce the equipment footprint on the back of a vessel which was due to embark on a multi-service decommissioning project in the North Sea. This solution had to be delivered in 6 weeks to make the contracted vessel sailing time, this was half the standard delivery time for conventional equipment.


ITC engineering team proposed to combine the HPU and umbilical reeler in the same skid. This would reduce the deck footprint by half and remove the safety hazards of the interconnecting hoses. It also reduced manpower required to operate. ITC created a dedicated project team and used experience gained for previous manufacture of separately skidded systems to design the new combined package. A project plan was developed detailing all the key manufacturing milestone that had to be met to ensure an on-time delivery. The design was kept “live” to match these milestones while enabling changes to accommodate the limited components availability options that could be sourced in the short time frame.


The new design combi HPU and reeler was designed, built and function tested within the required 6 weeks and delivered to the client vessel. I has since performed a number of operations on the project without incident with the decommissioning delivery team giving very positive feedback of the its’ performance.