Job Swap for a day…

As part of our latest campaign in digital marketing, Emma has given our Managing Director the day off and shares with you the capabilities of our design department.

Emma who embodies the second generation of ITC founding family and, having joined the company in a junior role straight from school, she already holds the position of Procurement Manager.  A wholly driven and focused employee, Emma works hard to play her part in steering the growing success of the company.  Emma’s responsibilities include liaising with the design team, workshop technicians, clients and suppliers to ensure timely deliveries, meeting and exceeding production schedules.

Emma Clark Procurement Manager commented, we have a well-established design and project management process to control, monitor and record the progress of individual design and build activity. ITC uses inventor as its primary drawing and analysis package and MS Project for activity control and monitoring.  The team have an extensive technical knowledge with significant experience in all aspects of managing a build project from initiation to design, planning through to execution, controlling all aspects through to completion.

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Emma who played an active role in helping Neil of Weightman Digital to direct the previous productions featuring the Managing Director Tracy, this time Emma sees herself at the other side of the camera.