ITC Girls raise money for local charity

During the long month of January the ITC Girls have raised the phenomenal amount of £2550.00 for the Sunrise Partnership.

Sunrise is a small, local charity working in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.  They provide free, confidential support for children and young people up to the age of 18, who have experienced a significant loss or bereavement.  There is no waiting list, support continues for as long as it is required, and they travel to meet the child or young person in a setting they feel comfortable in.  All of their support staff are qualified and experienced in loss work and have PVG membership.

In the 31 days in January each of the ITC girls did their own set of challenges, here is how they have all found it.

Tracy Clark, Managing Director commented, over the 31 days I have run 50 miles and each day I have done either 25 Burpees or 25 Squats totalling 775.  Running the 50 miles has been the easy part,  it has been the burpees which I have found the hardest, each day I have shared my burpees and squats live on Facebook, letting everyone know the struggles of this and sharing an interesting fact with them each day.  I would like to thank everyone for their generous donations.

Emma Clark, Procurement Manager commented, I took on the challenge to run 50 miles throughout the month of January. For someone who doesn’t run at all this was quite the take on! I actually ended up enjoying it much more than I thought I would and I plan to keep it up. I am thankful for all the generous donations we have received, especially in this unprecedented time.

Laura Scott, Accounts Lead commented, I have found the running extremely challenging especially in some of the more severe weather we faced at the beginning of the month. I am no fan of cardio and this certainly has pushed my limits. I have enjoyed doing the squats although doing 75 in one day was a bit sore on the legs. I am hoping to keep up some level of fitness after this but I will NOT be running again in a hurry

Karen Duncan, QMS Lead commented, my challenge was to horse ride for 50 miles and do 775 push ups.  Unfortunately, due to the hard ground and icy conditions throughout January my partner in crime Norman could not participate so I undertook to do over 50 miles either rowing or spinning indoors.  This was not my favourite as I am not a cardio gym bunny at all and would much rather be lifting the weights.  The push ups were a challenge as not the best exercise to pick with an ongoing hand/wrist injury, but I couldn’t give up, so I ended up doing knuckle push ups.  I stopped counting when I reached 800 but loved the challenge of being able to perfect my push up form and technique while helping a local charity, it certainly makes you feel good about yourself during these difficult times we are all in.

Jamie-Leigh Johnstone, Admin Assistant commented, this challenge has definitely been tough, although I have enjoyed it a lot more than I anticipated, and I am going to try and keep up with the running now that the challenge is finished. It was all for a great cause and I’d like to thank everyone who managed to donate, its greatly appreciated!